Looking for a helping hand in Miami!!!!********

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My name is Mike and I own a '95 Civic DX that I'm putting a B16 swap into.
I'm gonna cut out a lot of the bullshit... Here's my dilemma:
The block and tranny are already mounted in the car. I recently pulled off the head and had it milled, ported and installed new cams. I basically need someone to help me put the head back on the block and get her running. It does have minor wiring issues and I haven't wired up the knock sensor. I need someone to help me this weekend or next weekend! The car is at my dad's house. He's pretty pissed about it since it's been sitting there since November '07(bought it as a shell) and he wants it moved by next weekend! If anyone is willing to help, PLEASE let me know! I will feed you, buy beer, pay you, or whatever you need. I'm pretty much over my head at this point as I don't wanna mess it up. I have quite a bit of money into this project already. If you're willing to help, the best way to contact me is by calling or texting(text preferred). My number is 305-720-5111.

Thanks in advance,
my advice would be to post this on more local site.... like floridahondacrew.com for instance... im pretty sure there are at least a couple local guys on there that could help you out for a decent price.