lowered my car

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90 accord

Chicks dig the box
the setup:
tokico blues
sprint springs 2.25" drop

rides better then stock, but lower i have about a 1/2" wheel gap up front and about the same in the back... it looks good(will have pics soon)

so this morning i'm on my way to school right, and there's about 7 speed bumps in about a 300 foot strech of road leading into the school parking lot.. take all the bumos at an angle and like 2 mph, and i still scrape on 3 of them... i need some practice, lol.. speedbumps suck ass!!
driveways aren't too bad.. damn did i scrape getting outta the driveway i got my car lowered in lmao!
my parents are buying me a camber kit for my birthday! :D :p . saves me 130 bucks plus installation... think i'm gunna spend the money i saved on a muffler, or a header...
Prowler, ive got a 1.75 drop and everyday i wish i had gotten adjustables cause i get real nervous over every damn speedbump and driveway. i miss not having to worry about that shit and its only been like 3 months since i had a stock suspension.

i dont know if u knew but eibach makes the springs for ground control.
Yeah I know that, but the springs are only a 1.3" drop remember. I shouldn't be scrapping with those.
BTW, for the money, are R1 coilovers any good?
skunk2's for an integra work great for a civic