Ls Cams

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prawjEKt Cx

Senior Member
is there a difference between ls cams outta a ls that was orginally mated with a auto from the factory as opposed to a manual trans..... i heard somebody bring it up once but i didn't know if it was true
I don't know for sure about the LS but I assume it follows the same pattern as all the other B/F/H series engines. So I bet that the auto cams are not as agressive as the manual.
yeah we swapped a ls and it just felt a little on the doggy side, exp higher up i figured that was how it aways was, but the motor we put in came from a junkyard off a auto ls, so i guess that explains somthing.
I wouldn't expect too much power up top in that LS. When mine still had the stock head and internals power died off up top. I am sure you can find some stock LS manual cams for not a lot of money, if I still had mine I would have sold them to you...