ls engine

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i was thinking bout buying an ls engine from when i saw da shipping info and it said... doesnt come with intake/exhaust manifold, throttlebody, etc. dont i need those things to swap an ls into my 90 crx si?
yeah, that's a b-series and your rex is a d-series, incompatible. how much is that swap? i would recommend going somewhere not so shitty..there are places that sell COMPLETE swaps for good prices (includes motor, wiring harness, mounts, ECU, manifolds, TB, sensors, etc). I have heard good and bad about hondamotorsonline, but they always seem to have good prices..
oh..well if you have the B16 already, you can use the manifolds for now, actually it would probably be a bit better because B16 stuff flows better than B18 stuff. But if that motor isn't DIRT cheap, why would you wanna go for it? I would say at least $400 less than the price of a complete swap would be fair.