Ls/t Camshaft Misc.

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What camshaft would be best with a LS/T setup? and what other internals would be best with my LS/T....rods, retainers, pistons, and anything else you can name.
thanks for any and all help :worthy:
crower 402T, and guess what- i have a set for sale :)
i also have endyn Ls/T 9:1 pistons for sale
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you need inner/outer/reatiners to hold those cams jsut so you know
Hey B, i might want to buy the crower cams and the skunk2 intake manifold...what else would i need with the cams and how much would that cost and would the skunk2 manifold be best for the LS/T? oh and what would shipping be to hartford, CT and can i get a package deal :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
shipping to hartford? shit pick up dude. i'm in bristol.

all prices are listed here:

i already sold my rods to lsvtec, but i have endyn rollerwave pistsons, that will work nice, brand new in box w. rings, wrist pins, etc.

skunk2 mani MIGHT be pending right now... im not sure. money talks, BS walks ya know =)

the cams require valvespring retainers and inner/outer valve springs, due to their high lift. even says so. I dont have this for sale.

pistons, skunk2 mani, and cams i will let go for $1000 all together. as listed, they are 1100.

i have abunch of other shit for sale in that link - pretty much everything excpet for the LS swap is still up for grabs.

let me know-

email, pm, or call my cell
841 3627 if you want to meet up on the pike or something

Lol sheeeeet small world....but i don't need the pistons cause i need 84mm bore, otherwise i would take them :p how much would it be for the manifold and camshafts??? since shipping is out of the question :spin:
PS....i live 2 mins from the pike :p actually in wethersfield, not hartford...but i was going to have it shipped to hartford cause my mechanic said its cheaper to send things to businesses or some meeting up on the pike would be a good option for me :rolleyes:
manifold was $250
cams were $350
so lets say $525 for both

do you need the cam gears? have black or blue Skunk2's
I've got some Eagle LS rods coming available in the next week or two... PM me and we'll work something out.
Hmmmmm well lemme think for a day or two about the 525 thing, other wise it sounds good, and i was thinking AEM cams, unless the skunk2's are better.....and what about LS Rods? how much would they be
Originally posted by integraracing91@Feb 7 2003, 10:09 PM
and i was thinking AEM cams, unless the skunk2's are better.....and what about LS Rods? how much would they be

cam gears? if so, yes skunk2, i have them on mine, 6 bolts > 3 bolts
Hey B, are you sure that the cams you have are for a non vtec ls, bc im on crowers site and they don't have LS turbo cams, just GSR turbo Cams ;)
Originally posted by Crower@NON-VTEC B-series Cams
62402T Stage 2 - Turbo/Super Charger specially designed specifically for forced induction applications. Features short duration, high lift for added cylinder pressure and good bottom end power. Requires kit 84162. 235 / 235 190 / 190 .469 / .469

402T, what does B have? 402T's :)
ive seen the cams (i know him) they are definatly LS cams... and skunk2 cam gears are WAY better than the AEM's
skunk2 manifold is sold.

still have the cams, gears, etc

money talks- faster it comes, the better chance you get it