Ls/vtec Ecu

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ok i just did some searching. came up with nothing. ok i have a 93 teg GS im going to be swaping in a B20 (CRV) with a B17 Head it complete basicly all stock parts. it a minor Ls/vtec job for now plan are basicly the same crap everyone eles is done (ie. piston P&P cams ect.) but for now just simple ls/vtec. but im have a problem with me ECU chose do i get the B17 ECU do i keep mine i have now and run vtec wires. do i buy a new one. what is the easyest and cheaps way. for now. i plan on running a Hondata unit after i get my turbo done as well as my other parts. sorry if this has been coverd.
That's not an LS/VTEC, it's a B20VTEC/CRVTEC. Best thing to do would be to run the B17 ECU and run the wires necessary for VTEC directly to it.
The 94 GSR ECU is a better choice. And it is easier to find. Your ECU will not activate VTEC.
if you are going to get hondata.. why not just do it now? instead of wasting money on another ECU?? just get a p28 and hondata nice and cheap