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Ok, super n00b question considering all the other things I know, but what exactly are the components of an ls/vtec or ls/t engine setup? I am assuming it is an teg ls motor with vtec or turbo mods, or is it limited slip w/ vetc or turbo? again forgive me here. lol.

if i'm not mistaken, there is a post all about ls/vtec on the FAQ, check that out, should help you out alot...
Your first assumption was right. LS/vtec is an integra LS engine (B18) modified to accept a VTEC head and LS/T is the same motor except turbo charged with the stock head. You'll see limited slip referred to as LSD (limited slip diferential)
Thanks, I thought it was possible people got lazy and chopped off differential. Ill look for that post on ls vtec also.