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Hello, I recently just picked up a B16A Sir w/ Y1 cable tranny. I was wanting to know where I can find an LSD set up? Thanks
well, if you can find an OEM honda lsd from a cable transmission you could use that...however they're extremely rare.

i'd go with a quaiffe for around 700-800. they are clutch type and similar to OEM honda and guaranteed for life.
quaffe is a hellical design which is touqe bias, low maintenence and there is no need to rebuild because there are no clutch plates to wear out.
I found a site that has the phantom LSD, how does that work? can I just install it on my Y1 Cable tranny that doesn't already have LSD?
you can install a quaiffe into your tranny without one jsut the same. the phantom is the half-assed approcah IMO
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Intercrew Auto Salon


Do they pay you? If not, they should, you plug them enough.. :D

No, they don't pay me... but I get mine. :D :D :D

In any case, he's asking where to get a Quaiffe, so I told him. I don't go around spamming all the forums saying "buy from Intercrew" all the time... only when someone asks where to get something.

there's no problem with that- if they took care of him, got him a good price on everything, why not pass around a good shop to others to get good savings as well?