lsvtec tuning tips

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hey i need some advice on how to get my ls vtec to produce over 200 whp if i go all motor i got skunk 2 stage 2 cams skunk 2 cam gears skunk 2 intake manifold apexi vafc controller jdm itr header skunk 2 valve train gotta get block and head work done also need opinions on fly wheels tranny and throttle bodies i also have ctr pistons with eagle connecting rods havent got a tranny either looking for a jdm b16 or itr tranny
Hold on there professor. What would help us answer you question is a list of what setup you are running. Start there and we'll see.
you can add more hp by getting itr pistons. get a clutch master fly wheel veryvery light and a ACT clutch. if you have obd 1 get your ECU chipped by Skunk2.

oh yeah if u have a drop with no camber kit and worn or almost worn tires,u will be spinning tires so get a camber kit and good tires. throw in a LSD

what kind of trans u have???
Chips are :ghey:, and ITR pistons don't fit LS rods. B16 pistons will give you 11.4:1ish compression with a B16 head.
I won't labor over a post trying to figure out exactly what it means. My limit is 2 reads, we shouldn't have to be 2nd grade teachers to be able to give people help. It doesn't take me any longer to type this with good grammar than it takes you to type with no punctuation/capitalization.