M2U4 Transmission to a F22B1

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New Member
Hello everybody. I've just got a question about the fitment of a M2U4 transmission bolting up to an F22B1 block. Will they work? or is this just a waste of time? Since my 1994 Prelude's tranny f#$%*$ up, I'm looking for a replacement. Anyidea on what would be a good choice? It had an M2L5 tranny in it, and I know that the M2U4 comes from the 97-01 Prelude. Any suggestions would be great from the honda guru's at HondaSwap. Thanx.
I would go with the M2B4 trans. The M2U4 is the SH transmission and i dont know of anyone who has got the ATTS to work in a non SH prelude. Im not saying that its impossible just not worth the headache. The M2B4 is a direct bolt in LSD trans with very aggressive(read short) gear ratios that are great for acceleration.