Maybe I Can Afford A Turbo Kit But....

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hi again. i was wondering:

if i own a civic B16a2 stock...

and i buy a turbo kit (lets say a modest one gaining 75-80hp).

is that all my cost? (assuming obviously the 400 bucks of installation)

what mods are recommended to go before and after the turbo?

will i blow my engine to pieces easily?

what psi is recommended for stock motor + turbo?

is the vortech supercharger w/intercooler a good buy?
i dont buy the fact that it's a 117whp bolt-on stock....
is it???

i need the best advice i can get cause i incurr in big buck costs of shipping and taxes if i have these items sent to perú (to be exact i spend around 43% more than anyone in the states)

tks a lot for your help!

ps. know little??? ask a lot. it helps.


if you simply slap on a turbo kit, chances are good that you will blow up. Maybe not now, maybe not in a year- but some day, it will happen.

you need to get it tuned. do you have access to a dyno in peru? preferabbly one with a wideband o2 sensor.
if you don't, i would highly suggest avoiding the turbo honda.


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tks a lot for your answer.

yes, i do have acces to the dyno.
then, what are the necessary mods for a turbo?

or the vortech issue?



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re-work the bottom end of the B16, i.e. new pistons, and rods. Make your block is strong for the turbo, but that is for a lot of boost. It is best to just take precsutious measures to make sure that your engine last a little while. I think greddy makes a kit that will work on a stock block.


naw- he just wants a small kit for 70-80 horse. no point in doing the bottom end.

What i recommend: piece together a kit from and GET the hondata option.
talk to them and make sure they give you a proper base map.
from there- you are going to have to tune this yourself, unless there are hondata tuners in peru (doubtful - there isn't one in every state yet) but with a good base map, and an experienced dyno guy, you should be able to target your air/fuel ratios pretty good.


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thanks pissed,

i contacted the website and they've offered a max-rev turbo kit for 2,400. should i go for it?
how's max-rev rated in the US market?


max rev is good shit. they were a supra store, but Geoff who used to work for z10 worked with them and made the honda kits. their manifolds fit well, and the turbo pieces are good. its a MUCH higher quality kit than the Drag 3 or rev hard if you ask me.