MC race game Q

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anyone getting this when they try and go there
Parse error: parse error in /data/www/ on line 4
It's coming out for XBox next spring, so I'll pick it up then. I've played Tokyo XTreme Racer 2 and Zero, it's supposed to be based on those games.
what the hell are you talking about d00d?

dennis...ive gotten it a few times now...just refresh after like 5 minutes
I haven't gotten that one, but in the middle of playing the game it takes me to the page that says to many people are logged in. WTF? I was already logged in you fucking p.o.s.
that game is bunk. i have an 88-92 rx7 with 36x hp and 87 handeling.. B's got a CRX with 306 HP and 86 handeling, and hes beat me 5 times ina row, winning over 5k

brian, your game better not be this much bullshit
ok, i'm done with this game, so i'm going to give my account away. the first person to pm me with a new password for the account gets it
I have cleared my cache cookies etc
it does it every time at home
at work I have no problems
strange... ive had no probs with it.
Calesta had the same prob, i told him to clear it, and it worked fine after that.

must be your :ghey: mozzilla browser hat you insit on using :p ie6 works fine
tried it woth both mozilla and ie6
I use mozilla cause I'm all about the gnu movement
plus I hate outlook express
gnu is great. this site wouldn't be here on php if it wasn't. ASP can rot in hell :p
but fact is, IE is kinda like GNU... its free.. *shrug* i dunno.... its the most un-M$ product ever.