Mini-me How To?

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Hey wassup guys im in need of help.....i have a 97 HB DX and i want to perform the min-me tell me what all you need to perform this setup????.....what would be the power gains over this setup????....also will this setup be better then the D16Y8???....thank you and have a nice day!!
You will find a lot of info on this topic. Easiest way to find this info would be to use the search function. Try mini-me, d16z6 etc....
also check out the reference , swap and articles section of the web site. all the info you need will be there. I only say to take a look around because this question gets asked 1029020912039102391392392392 times a month and you'll learn alot more of what needs to be done.
There's noe replacement for knowledge.

good luck with your swap. and after you've done some research on this site, We'll be glad to give you some advise etc...
yeah i serched but all the ones i found were not enough information....they just said which heads would fit which models and they gave most items needed....what i want is a detailed list of everything you need and directions to perform the swap.....thanks!!
well I'm glad you searched for some stuff. there are a few guys on here that have done this swap. Jeff has just done it recently and I assume it's fresh in his mind. hopefully he'll catch this thread.
i did the mini me swap, and its all over my mind .. let me know what you wanna know . it was fun because you got vtec and alittle more trq. but it had to go i through a b18 in my car instead. This swap is only wrth it if you build it. Just slapping the head on doesnt do much at all. In detail i need to know what yr motor your putting in and what head your using . just pm me .
Originally posted by 92CivicCx@Jan 17 2003, 03:29 PM
the jeff im thinking of only put a d16z6 in his ride not a mini me

yes, Jeff did a Z6 on a 4g civic, kinda different... you need the :
Y8 head
Y8 Intake Manifold w/ throttle body
Y8 Distributor
P2P ECU or a Apexi VAFC, or Fields VTEC controller
Y8 Timing Belt
Helms Manual (this will save you tons of hours/questions) go to and get one!
thanks guys.....i have a 97 1.6 DX non-vtec D16y7 motor.....the head i am planning to get is form a 98 civic been a pleasure doing business with ya.....haha....enjoy!!