Mini me

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Hello kinda new to this scene just did mini me swap (d16y7/y8) n got to say not what I thought lol has good power but want more reason y I'm posting is that I'm about to put b18c next just trying to figure out what's a reasonable price for mine I got:
D16y7 block with a rebuilt y8 head (new valve seals n valves)
Skunk2 im
Aem fuel rail
Arp head studs
Arp connecting rod bolts
Dc 4-2-1 header
New gaskets n timing belt
D16y8 tranny n axles
New starter ait sensor ect sensor new thermostat

Hope u guys can help me out to find a good price thanks
Good price for the engine above? maybe 600 bucks... the head cost maybe $125, header worth about $80 used, Gasket & timing about 50, ARP head studs maybe 50 as well.. so thats 300 fuel rail is of no use really inless you have some 440 DSM injectors or something, then again I beleive the honda stock fuel rail could manage them.. lol... not picking apart ya motor just $600 maybe $650
yea thats what i was leaning more on forgot to mention has stage 3 clutch o well it anything will help me out when i buy my next swap