More Honda Turbo ??

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It seems everytime I figure one thing out on my turboed accord another problame arrises! I recently had problames with my accord where as my Check engine light came on everyonce in awhile... It seemed only to when the engine got boost... yes it did have check valves but it still came on! Well now after getting my car back from the paint shop i decided to try and figure out whats going on! After reading post's on here... i decided to richen the fuel on my V-afc after already having a ??computek*?? FPR thinking it neeeded more fuel I added it throughout the RPMS.... during this time i added in more check valves to be sure it wasnt the Map reading boost! After messing around with the fuel and no hopes of getting this thing to ever go into normal boost i decided i would bring the fuel setting back to normal ( 0 ) on the vafc and just continue using my FPR! Well great that worked i had no problame with the Check Engine light... so im all good right! Well no.... now it seems that it takes for ever to go into boost which was never a problame for me and it doesnt have $hit for pickup untill it finnially gets up to around 5,000 rpm than quick jumps to the 9psi limit on the boost controler! What could be the problame?? The turbo was purchases on e-bay and is a custom kit.... no larger injectors and what not... just an Turbonetics t3 t4, intercooler, blitz bov manifold and ect! This turbo has been a nightmare for me...... thanks for the time and help!
this can be 1000 things...

vacuum leak, shitty wastegate, improper setting on the BOV, leaking hose somewhere, a huge turbo trim that doesn't spool until 5000 rpms, and so on..

you really need to get this thing hondata tuned and on a dyno. I have $50 on it solving nealry all of your problems
Its a Tial wastegate that is still good! Should be no vacuum leaks already checked... the turbo spooled up fast before! They dont make hondata for my ecu, and i live in wisconsin so there isnt shit for dynos.. lol its over for me! :) How do i know if its the right setting on my BOV?? like ive said ive tryed almost everythhing i can think of ive been playing with it off and on all year!
A question popped in my head earlier too! Could ifbe possible that the check valves bleed of too much boost? i believe i have 5 on now?!Q?
pissedoffsol said in a post earlier that to set ur BOV correctly its lik a play it by ear test, from what he said, u hav to listen to the bov and set it so u hear just the right pshhhh, not too soft, but not too sure he can fill u in more detailed on it
ok so im thinking to sell this piece!! OK so i let it warm up when i get in it than i take it out for a spin and it kicks ass... its what a turboed car should be like! well than 15min after driving it sucks and doesnt have any power in boost!! whats up with this????... the bov should be correct now too!
is there any oil leaking past the turbo seals? Have you done a road test with a scan tool? Could be that since you first start up the system is in open loop, once everything comes to temp then it goes to closed. SO it might be as simple as a tps or o2.
what weight oil are you using? Believe it or not, but i used to get the same problem on my civic even with the missing link. I was running 15w-30 oil in it and i would get the check engine light and loose power after the car warmed up to normal operating temp. I changed to 15w-50 oil and the power loss went away slightly........... wasn't as noticable. so then i retarded my timing a little bit and poof!!! both problems gone. still on stock injectors with a vortech FMU and a chipped p28 ecu. If you're already running heavy oil and retarded your timing....... disregard my common sence post. lol :wacko: L8z.