Mpfi swap question

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Hi. Like the title says, I am gathering parts to do a mpfi swap on my '91 hatch. I have a d15b2 with a d16a6 head. I plan to use a p28 ecu, I also have the neccessary harness and injectors. My head is not v-tech. My question is, using the p28 ecu what distributor do I need to use? Will a mpfi non v-tech dizzy work, or do I need to use one from a v-tech engine? Any help will be greatly appreciated, thank you for your time.


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If you plan on doing a multi-point swap and obd-1 at the same time and you plan on staying non vtec then I suggest you get a obd-1 non vtec dizzy, complete engine harness and a non vtec ECU such as the P06 and a jumper harness to go from OBD-0 to OBD-1. You would still be able to use your A6 head with this setup

Now if you plan on going vtec and OBD-1 then toss the A6 head and get a Z6 vtec head to go along with the rest of the OBD-1 vtec stuff you already have. You would also need to get a Z6 dizzy and a jumper harness to go from OBD-0 to OBD-1.

If all you want to do is go multi-point and stay OBD-0 then get your self an A6 dizzy, A6 intake manifold or you could use a Z6 or B7 intake manifold. They are exactly the same part numbers. And as far as the ECU goes then you could use a few different ones. The best one to get is a PM6 ECU an alternate ECU is the OBD-0 PR4 out of the 90-91 DA Integra.

If you do plan on staying OBD-0 you can also use the 90-91 DA Integra throttle body on the Z6 or B7 Intake manilfold.If you end up going OBD-1 then you can use the 92-93 DA Integra throttle body. The DA TB's are a little bigger, also the Z6 and B7 Intakes are better flowing than the A6 Intake. The plugs are the same for all 3 Intakes.

*edit* I just looked at the DA throttle body from the 90-91 and it will also work on the 92-95 obd-1 Intake manifold as long as the map sensor is not on either of the throttle bodies.

Hope this helps man.

Here is a website that I have used for A couple of my DPFI to MPFI swaps.
DX,STD (DPFI) -> Si,HX (MPFI) wiring
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