My $250 1997 Integra Find!

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Scorchin Civic

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how many miles? maybe I missed it. great find. I'm jealous. I got a 98 like 4 years ago for $400 with a dead spot in the starter and a ton of body damage w/ 175,000 miles and I was practically crying tears of joy. integras are just fun cars.
The car fax stated there was 145,*** miles but I don't really know since the original cluster was not in it.


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well, still looks like an awesome deal so far, if you stuble across any more for cheap PM me!!!!!


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Some product recommendations that might help you are: Chevron Techron fuel system cleaner and Auto-Rx for the oil. I own a '00 Integra that is on the rinse cycle of the Auto-Rx. It has done a fantastic job of helping out the engine. The stuff is a nonabrasive cleaner that gets rid of all deposits in your engine. They have a great website with pics and testimonials. One being done by a guy who said it was bs then changed his mind after his results. Good luck with your great find!


Hands Off my Balls
dude, read the whole post so you can realize that he allready took care of the fuel problem. thanks!