my dad is irritating me lately...

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ambitious...but rubbish
..., not because he hasn't helped me, he has.

anyway I replaced my clutch cable yesterday, car shifts like new now.
the clutch felt wasted, now works as normal as a cx clutch on a Z6 can.

then my dad "do you know why your clutch cable stretches?"
"it's because your grounds are going bad and when your clutch cable becomes the new ground, it heats up and stretches"
"fucking ridiculous, the clutch cable is plastic shielded:confused:, how would that be?"

well, I had a miss I could'nt cure for a couple of months now, it's gone.
and my amp was cutting out when I drove over bumps, not anymore:confused:.

so now I get to be frustrated by my car running right?

I'm going to test my grounds for resistance later...
i think injen means the kit has 7 different ground wire connex in it. :shrug2:
im using the ralli///art ground kit on my mirage. i dont think it helps any. the big cam gives me a rough idle that cannot be smoothed out.
Tell him the clutch cable stretches because it's like a bicycle...

Metal can stretch; believe it or not! haha

4 guage fosgate here. tests literally 0 ohms.