My engine

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When I press the gas pedal to the floor to get on it. The engine stubbles on acceleration. Thought someone could give me some things to check out. Here is a exsample..

I went to lutz Friday, I went to step on it but the engine would kinda jerk back a little bit. It wouldnt hold back just jerk around alittle bit. It did it through Its fine on normal driving but when I step on it , it jerks. Can someone help me please.
hey could be a fuel problem..maybe fuel filter, fuel pump, injectors, fuel rail isnt workin properly when the motor asks for more gas..FUEL?
its a mugen chipped pr3 or you mean the fuel rail? cause i think that is stock. Thing is though it use to be fine now all of a sudden its doing this.werd.
i could be fuel but one simple mistake it could be is distributor might be loose... i've seen that occur before, check to make sure your distributor is on tight
I had that problem over the summer. Do a full tune up! Plugs, wires, distributor, rotor, fuel filter. Solved my problem. But actually the wires, plugs and distributor cap fixed my problem. But do a full tune up!