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its odd that you've pointed that out. i get fatter eating my wife's cooking than i do when i leave the dishes undone for weeks (she wont cook until every dish in the house is clean).

So the weeks i go on fast food and mac n' cheese binges i loose 20-30lbs (140 is about as low as i get) and when she starts cooking again i can get up as high as 180.

Per your above statement i guess that would put me square in the 'meso' category.

The only explination that I could see for that is that fast food probably fills you faster, because there's is more fat in it. Ever try eating a can of green beans, by itself? There's literally next to no fat in it, if any. I did one time just out of an odd hunger for some green beans, and I didn't feel like I had eaten anything afterwards. I know a big part of that is that there isn't a whole lot of anything in green beans, but I think the fat part has something to do with it. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

Dude no. The metabolic priorities are as follows:

Food and beverage in stomach
Fat stores
Muscle mass

During catabolism, the body begins to use muscle for energy. You have to enter catabolism for that to happen though and this requires long cardio or starvation.

I think what you mean is that if you eat fast food, you will begin to lose muscle tone. Perhaps yes, because you are not getting the complex carbs and proteins that are required to maintain...? Maybe you should elaborate.

Lawrenceville, right across the 40th street bridge and right down the road from Bloomfield, literally, to your Pittsburgh question anyway.

I think that Super Size me video put a lot of false ideas in peoples heads. While I think it's great he showed how bad it can be for you, how much of America is still obese? And what about people like me? I don't care for Wendy's, but obviously if I'm hungry, I eat it. And I'm always hungry. Anyone had a triple baconator? It's the foulest monster of a sandwich ever. Somewhere close to a bajillion grams of fat. But does it affect me much? No, because I'm active. Fast food doesn't make you fat, being a lazy piece of shit makes you fat. Fast food does speed up that process, but whatever. And I was pretty sure the whole muscle thing was right, I had a conversation the other day with someone who wasn't eating because they wanted to "tone up" and I tried explaining that during starvation you're body will convert muscle to energy, and sure, you'll lose weight but not the weight you want to lose.

Not to mention, the fact that people count calories is bullshit. The only reason you should ever have to count calories is if you're trying to be skin and bone and put yourself into a calorie deficit for the day, or you've just got done with a bulking cycle of your workout and are working on a cutting cycle. But if this is the case, you should be eating more fat burning foods than anything.

I'm not sure why I even just typed all of that. I just slept for 15 hours and I have to be at work in like 3.5 hours. Maybe just something to pass time.

EDIT: I don't even know how much muscle tone you lose from eating fast food. Not all fast food is bad. Grilled chicken, at Wendy's anyway, is loaded with protein. Put that on a salad with french dressing and you've got fast food with very little fat, and yet has protein. Unfortunately, this is only one item on the menu. I guess most of the stuff isn't the best.

Whatever, I'm going to go get ready for work.


Maybe shes a part time pornstar, part time Wendys employee, and a strong proponent of doing the shocker. :shrug2: