My new 2010 Subaru WRX

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so i may have solved my BT/Wifi issue. the problem i was having was essentially that wifi speeds were becoming extremely slow when BT was also paired.

PX5 based unit. sold by Xtrons, TB706APL. (a 7" double din unit, but all of these units are very similar)

I decided to take my unit apart and solder in new antennas. pics i have seen online showed that there was the rear external wifi antenna and then usually just a piece of wire soldered in for the other antenna. and often times poor soldering

took my unit apart to find this:

only 1 antenna. no diversity at all. soldering looked ok though. so i decided to remove the antenna that was there and replace it with a beefier wire, as well as an identical antenna on the second port. with bigger antennas at the rear than what it came with.




speed tests now show no difference between Wifi speeds when BT is on or off. Still need to test more. but if anyone is brave enough and competent, might be a good solution if youre having this problem
Back to summer mode and green wheels! I had Feal totally rebuild my coilovers over the spring.

replaced the steering rack with a 2015 STi unit. 13:1 ratio (stock was 15:1). bolted right on. my inner tie rods were going out anyway, and i wanted the quicker ratio.
replaced the outer tie rods and lower ball joints while i was in there. so most everything is new in the steering/suspension now.

also had the windshield replaced since it had been cracked since the winter. i scored and got the unit with the heated wiper blade section because they brought the wrong windshield even though i told them i didnt have that on my car. so i got it for the same price.
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