Need help h22 problems!!!

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New Member
i just recenstly did a h22 swap in my accord i know millons have done it but n e ways well get this i put a p28 in it till i got a p13 bec thats all i hade and it runs perfict but then i got my p13 and i put it in and it runs like shit like wen you go to give it gas it bawgs out like its gettin way to much fuel but wen its you rev it up it seems to be fine? ne 1 hav a answer for me?
thats wierd in the mean time run the other ecu, and maybe get the p13 checked out because there might be a problem with the ecu....and what year is it obd1 or 2?? i think some of the obd2 ecu's have the tcu built it, so it might be a auto ecu....but idk about all that stuff but i would get the ecu checked out and chipped while you are doing that lol