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hi,my name is miguel and i just purchased my first car,i got a 93 hatch and i want to do a swap,i want to know whats the best swap to go for,i've been with my older brother to street racing and drag racing,he had a '99 dc2 gsr with toda vtec killer cams but he had an accident aand passed away and now i want to continue racing like he did,but i dont really know much on which is the best motor to get,i dont want to do a k20 swap because a few guys from where i live have k20 eg's and ek's,but i want something that will be powerfull and will keep up with the k20,i pretty much need help with what motor to get and also what ecu to get,i recently gutted out my car,all that is left on it is the front seats the dash door panels and rear panels,i have no carpet nor rear sit nor headliner,but i'm putting the head liner back on due to my mom getting mad at me :p,i also got the jdm fenders,and fog lights(yellow),i got the smoked corners and i want to get suspencion parts for it to be stable and a lil more light weight but yet idk what to get,and i'm getting carbon fiver rota gt3's in a few weeks,please help me with this,i will deeply appreciate it,thanks


First off sorry to hear about your brother. Are you sure you want to continue street racing?
On your question you had I personally like the K20 swap! If you want something to keep up with the K, you prolly need boost for a D or B.

You need to figure out what you want first. What is your goal? Street racing with some track! If you are trying to build a streetable track car, it will not work! Decide what you want is the first step.


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thanks ntenc1.what i want is a b series to be able to boost,i want to throw toda vtec killer cams but yet i want as much torque and power as i can,and yes i want to continue with street racing,and i want a car that like once every now and then take it to the track and be able to run on low numbers


i've been with my older brother to street racing and drag racing, ... but he had an accident aand passed away and now i want to continue racing like he did,

are you serious?

LEARN from your brother's mistake. Keep it off the street.
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These snozzberries taste like snozzberries...
you're an idiot....actually, a fucking idiot.

your brother is probably turning over in his grave. if you want to honor him, do it by racing legally.

i almost died in an accident street racing. I got t-boned by a COP CAR. yes, i got hit by a cop. i wasn't even racing.

don't wait to learn from your own mistakes. learn from others.


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wow, just wow... somebody needs to smack this kid, real hard..

i so wish i could contact his parents and inform them of his retardedness and maybe, jsut maybe.. they'd take his car until he's responsible enough to drive it
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