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So I bought a 2000 civic lx and it already had a d16y8 motor in it well it's running like crap and throwing codes .one that sticks in my head is the iacv well I looked and the harness that on this car there is no plug for the iacv..let me say that the computer that's on this car is a p2e and I'm thinking it's wrong..i have a p28 and a p2p sitting around and neither one will allow my harness to plug into them what's wrong here ..the car is a 5 speed ..

Do I need a whole new engine harness and computer .if so what exact one do I need ..

Somone please help get this car running right .tell me what i need to do please
p2e is a non vtec ecu, definitely wrong for a d16y8
can you put up some pics of what you have going on there so we can get a better idea on what will be needed
Yeah I can tomorrow providing it's not raining .. there's age some things I want top take pics of that i have questions about and i figured that the ecu i have in my car now wasn't right . Thanks for that
So here's a pic on my harness that goes into the ecu ..I was told that the p2p witch I have is the way I need to go I need a jumper because my harness now wont plug directly into the p2p if so what jumper harness do I need ?


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You may need an OBD2b to OBD2a conversion harness... But honestly, you're better off buying the correct ECU for your year, it'll be cheaper.

There was a split at 97/98 for OBD2a and OBD2b.