Need Piston Help!

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Junior Member
ok, here is what we have: b18a1 block, stock crank, stock rods, all stock....., 2000 gsr head, all stock. our original plans were to use ctr pistons, but i am wondering:
1. if that will work ok, as far as valve clearance, and what kind of c.r. we can expect from that setup, and how much would we have to bore the cylinders (if at all) for them to fit?
2. we plan on taking the block down to the machine shop and have them clean it all up, bore it if we need it, hone it, replace all the bearings, plugs, seals, so should we have it sleeved, as well?
3. if any of this is not a good idea, then what pistons would be good for a high compression setup with this motor, without doing much more than changing the pistons?
thanks in advance for any help.