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I hate my wife's 2008 Civic, nothing but problems.

The few times I drove my mothers Sonota I liked it much better than the Civic. It has a smoother ride and a better power range.
I never looked at the elantra sport. I honestly like the way it looks better than the Honda and I like that you can get it with leather. Right or wrong Ive always viewed Hyundai as a not as good as Honda so when I'm looking for cars I never think to look at them. I feel like the Honda will hold its value better than the elantra....

Reading and watching reviews people seem to be pretty 50/50.

the big difference for me is here


Honda kills it in the MPG department. Sedan is significantly slower with all seasons vs. summer times but that is to be expected in a FWD.

Hyundai is pretty strong though too.

But I still recommend driving the GTI. Way more care for the money. Lots of luxury, fun, etc.
But I still recommend driving the GTI. Way more care for the money. Lots of luxury, fun, etc.
I'll probably drive it but it is on the high end of my price range. I'm damn near able too get the elantra, si, or st new. Couldn't really come close to that with the gti

My friend who is also looking at 2017 SIs sent me this video coincidentally. The guy is annoying but his 2017 SI broke into the 12s with no change to the turbo or the internals, the little 1.5T is no joke. I've heard nothing of the clutch problems but that doesn't mean they don't exist. I know a Honda mechanic at the dealership that might know more, I'll ask just out of my own curiosity and report back. A lot of my friends have had bad luck with GTIs but I hear the mk7 is a lot better. It's a tough call. I'd go SI personally but I'm also not the one buying the car.
That's actually quite a bit of cash spent on top of the purchase price of the car already...
It's just an example of the potential within the cars. The first tuned 10th gens on the interwebs were making significant % gains over stock tuned with just an cold air intake and a better intercooler sometimes as much as 50-60wtq and 30-40whp
I mean the ST was the same way , I did rear motor mount , Intercooler, tune, and catback and was done modding it after that , gaines 30whp 40tq
Spend that $500 on express lane tolls it'll make your car way faster
LOL. I very rarely use one of those. Not worth the 4 minutes saved on Highway 167.