New guy starting an EF swap

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Hello! Just picked up my hatch ('89 DX) and am preparing for a swap. I got a great deal on a D16Z6 which is going to be coming with motor, tranny, hydro conversion, engine harness, axles, P28 ECU, and hopefully the harness from the engine to the ECU. I've been doing a lot of research on different websites from this to honda-tech, civic4g, and etc. The more I read the more it seems like one person tells you one thing and another is different for what you need to do exactly. If I have all of these parts, what is left for me to do? I know I have to run VTEC but there are also other sensors that need hooked up. Which sensors would these be? One person tells me I need to complete a DPFI to MPFI conversion, another tells me no just use the parts you have. One says buy a jumper harness, another tells me I don't need it. And yet again on another website, this guy has got a ten page write up on how to cut apart your harness and make it work (I'm assuming that is the cheap way out instead of buying a jumper.) I'm familiar with swaps, my last was a B16A2 into my '93 which was a cakewalk, but I seem to be having a hell of a time getting clarification on what exactly I need to do here. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a million!

PS If I'm just blind and can't find the postings I need with this info, a link to it would be great.
You would need to convert to mpfi and get an obd0-obd1 ecu jumper harness. Got mine from Phancentric on ebay, $50-60, it comes with all vtec wires and four wire 02 wires. In an ef it's easier to keep your stock harness and make adapters from the z6 harness. I believe your hub is okay just use the one in best condition. Double check to be sure they are the same.
Other than that your good to go.
did the same swap a couple of months ago just remember the stock mounts for the z6 will not fit in the rex you need to take the mounts and mount bracket off your d15b2