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the alumunium piping is welded.
Calvinpics choose the date 07-5-03
DUDE! You've got my desk!

Here's mine:

looks good man you did all that work in a parking lot?

Thats nuts man
dude we live in the netherlands, if you have a house here you don't have a garage. I u wanna work in gagarge you have to pay 14 euro for 1 hour.

yeah but if it's not cold outside why not work outside. When it's winter you have to rent a garage.
So summer we want ti work outside.
I've got a 2 car garage with a good sized driveway on my APARTMENT!! :)

I love where I live.. Seriously. It kicks wompin ass.
nice stuff. but id seriously ditch that fmu if you can.. go hondata.. though im not sure if there is anyone over there that can tune hondata.. so you wouldhave to do it yourself

i have a house and my own 2 car garage its nice..

but im air force so we have a hobby shop on base.. its like 2.50 a hour to rent one with a lift and liek 1.50 for a flat stall