New place to live?

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is it in the "best of"?

he could have been a little more creative. "comes with 500 girls". enter-pedobear.


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did you send him an offer?
thats funny, is he just gonna kick all the kids out?

thatd be a hella gangster ass starter mansion.

once, this guy posted about how somebody used a hacksaw to chop the mirror off of his bmw, and the guy that stole it took off in a bmw. it happened at the stockton mall and it was all caught on camera and the guy got issued a court date, but the guy he stole it from just wanted to say something to him before he saw him in court.
hes like, to the mother fucker who chopped the mirror off my car, yeah thats right we caught you on camera bitch! i know who you are and i know where you fucking live and your gonna get it mother fucker!

that shit was funny..
he said more, but i dont wanna get too graphic in front of the kiddies.