New To The Honda Scene

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Well I'm sort of new to the whole Honda import scene but I do know quite a bit about import cars. Well first off im selling my Subaru and I'm pursuing a Honda. The question is what should I get. I'd like to find a 91 Prelude SI and do some basic engine mods to it. I'm wondering if thiers any decent mods for it. Please let me know if thiers anything I could.



i say buy a 92-95 hatch, and a b18c (gsr) or B16 then go from there, huge aftermarket support for the B series motors :)
Yeah I've considered the Civic but I dont think I have enough money to do a swap to it. I like the older Preludes because of thier looks plus my friend is parting out a 93 so i'd take the seats and rims and put it on a 91. Of course that is my opinon.

shit buy a 4th gen 88-91 hatch and swap in any motor you want except for like a nsx or a s2k. you can get one for 400 bucks not running. trust me i have bought 2
cant go wrong with a 5th gen civic and a b-series swap!@

there's a '92 hatch f/s w/ no motor or trans and no interior for $400.. wish i had somewhere to put it :(


dont get a 91 prelude ... get almost anything else ... theres no aftermarket support for those and you wont get shit for performance out of it ... its a bitch to do any kind of swap to it ... its not worth the time or effort ... get a 5th gen hatch or a 2nd - 3rd gen teg.. shit even the prelude after that one is still a better choice... just dont waste your time and money trying to mod a 91 lude its a lost cause
Ok I didnt know that thier wasn't that many mods for a Prelude. I've considered buying a 88-91 Civic Hatch so that I could make it a sleeper. The majority of 92-95 Civic hatches up here have been beat. The Maine winter causes rust earlier than usual. I've looked for a 93 Civic SI Hatch but I haven't found one yet. What ever I buy it needs to be under 3000 and so far I havent found any decent 92-95 Civic's for that cash. I wouldn't buy the car until June, well after winters over so I could find a decent Civic until then.

i have a friend that has a 91 lude i think it's a lost cause. he has a turbo kit from ludespeed and few other parts on the car.... it is dam fast tho. evrything he has got is spendy and hard to find.
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you can get a hatch with no motor for crazy cheap! what area are you located in?

Lead me the way.. Hatches that dont run here cost 2200-2500..

same here in michigan, damn fnf drive up prices

i looked on autotrader around here and the only ones that are under 2 grand are rusted to hell + dont run or are smashed to peices