New toys on the way!

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Mad scientist

Install on Sunday:


Arrive on Monday or Tuesday, install on Wednesday or Thursday:

:D :D :D
dont you think that the seats will take away from the sleeper look?
Brian- Corbeau Targa RS

Pills- thanks. ;)

92- Sorta, but the projector headlights, driving lights, and clear corners do that a little already. The TRS was the mildest looking seat model I could find that I liked, and they really do feel good. The grey will go great with the grey dash, and honestly- I don't think it will be all that noticeable.

Ernesto- :p
damn! thats some nice stuff. id always be findin an excuse to drive if i had those seats!
Kidney support is good. :)

rixXxceboy- I don't need to find an excuse to drive... I already drive 500-1000 miles a week, sometimes more. I just need something to replace my worn out stock seats, and these fit the bill. It's a hefty bill though.
:D drive more than me! i drive 360-400 a week. ive got worn out stock seats too...from 1989. someday i will get new seats too :)
Originally posted by rixXxceboy+Oct 9 2002, 01:24 PM--> drive more than me! i drive 360-400 a week. ive got worn out stock seats too...from 1989. someday i will get new seats too :)

Yup. I used to drive 1000 miles a week without question... I was driving from Duncan, OK to Austin, TX and back every weekend. That was a 700 mile round trip, plus mileage cruising around Austin while I was there. I picked up the car with the new engine in it on 10/20/2001, and after 8 months I had 32k miles on it. Now it's coming right up on a year, and it'll have 40k miles on it when the 1 year anniversary comes around. The engine still pulls as strong (on the dyno too) as the day it was first tuned, and I haven't had any reliability problems with it other than snapping axles. That should put any LS/VTEC and B20/VTEC doubters to silence...

It's just too many miles without support in the back, and I really need some good cushion back there. I've got tons of back problems, and the seats in the car are only making them worse.

@Oct 9 2002, 01:25 PM
800 isnt too bad. youd be payin 1200 for sparco or recaro.

True. I didn't want to spend that much... and I was tired of scouring all the online shops for cheaper prices- so I went with a decent price and a good reputation. Hopefully the seats will show on Monday/Tuesday with no problems.
Originally posted by 92CivicCx@Oct 9 2002, 04:12 PM
thats alot of miles... that proves crvtecs can last if built good!

Damn straight. :)
Phillip loves it every time I tell him how many miles I have on his engine. :D
I've been thinking about getting a Corbeau as well :p. But that's after the Rotas with Falken Azenis, JDM b20 block, p&p head with crower springs & retainers and crower 404 cams, and a b16 tranny :p Ahh the neverending list.