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Hello everyone Im new to the site and fairly new to the import car feild. Im hoping to come here and find all I need to know about my Civic, especially when it comes time to upgrade my wimpy 1.5.
Hey welcome to Hondaswap! Not to rag on you or anything but please take out the apc stuff in the signature. HS is like the president of all sites hating APC products. But yeah, good luck with everything.
Hello and welcome, this site will take you away from the darkside the riceside that is, hopefully.
Originally posted by BlackJDMdeath@Apr 2 2003, 08:28 PM
funny... i call jdm the dark side... lol :shrug2: welcome

i think cats are the darkside but i had one attack me when i was little though
Well thanks for all the welcomes and Im pulling all the stuff rom my info now. I dont have anything that great on the car anyhow.
congrats for jioning us here at hondaswap and i can almost guarantee when you need some info you can get it here well anyways talk to ya later ..peace
welcome to the site, since i've been here i have made a little motto for myself, "try to learn something new every day", i have found that when you WANT to learn here, people are much more willing to help you out.
Originally posted by saturn_boy96@Apr 4 2003, 02:28 PM
i have found that when you WANT to learn here, people are much more willing to help you out.


Yea, welcome to Hondaswap, if you stick around you will learn a ton.
Read everything you can on this site, and ask questions when you don't understand. Pretty soon you'll know how to turn your civic into the bomb dizzy.

First things first, figure out what your initial mod budget is!
Hi everyone I'm a newbie also! I was surfing thru the net and stumbled upon HondaSwap and so far I must say its GRREAATTT!!! Theirs tons of good information and really cool ppl on here willing to help!
Welcome to Hondaswap.

Oh yeah on a further note, my buddy Civic_88ls just joined up like a couple weeks ago, he is a n00b here also, so anyone feel free to give him a hard time but yeah hes a senior swapper so he has a wee bit of knowledge.

i'm resident asshole

no wait, that's Karnash :p

heeh welcome to the site guys!! thanks for the compliments