Nitrous And Turbo?

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Senior Member
I have seen a lot of people lately with mostly stock Honda Engines just rods and pistons with turbo kits on them and also a 60 shot of Nitrous! This seems like a lot with only rods and pistons but what does everyone else think! I am putting the rods and pistons in in about a week or two and amthinking if this is fairly safe I may add a 35-50 shot just togive me someextra kick, or do you think its better tojust get a boost controller with scramble boost and set it 2-3 psi higher. Or should I get the Nitrous Express N-ter cooler! Thanks for any advice. I am just thinking there is a lot of kids simply putting NOS on in my area and with the turbo I amthinkng of possibly adding Nos just to make up for the extra their getting from the Laughing gas! But I'm thinking this may take more engine building! Let me know what ya'll think.
Most people when combining a turbo w/ nitrous, use the nitrous to spool up a larger turbo. I would never squeeze while I am fully spooled up. But after I upgrade my turbo for a significantly larger turbo I plan on squeezing a 50 at maximum just to get the turbo spooled up.