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I have a B16A SiR. I want to build this motor for alot nitrous at the strip and nice street car for everyday use. I am thinking wet 50 per cylinder. Let me know if this is right sleeved block forged rods and pistons 10:25:1,balanced and knifed built up bottom end, portflow head, better springs, retainers mild cams so i dont loose n20, upgraded fule and ignition and, ARP all around. If this is wrong or i need more let me know. Also what is the best cable tranny with LSD for this set up?
That would be a good set-up, but 50 per cylinder? that's a 200 horse shot correct? that's alot, and it will do damage eventually. Tune, get an up graded fuel pump, and I would suggest you don't knife-edge your crank as Honda engineering is the best, and if not done properly it would damage your engine. You don't need it, that's more of a V-8 type of thing. As for trans. get either a 92-93 GSR trans, or a JDM J1, S1 or a sir trans as they were options, and would only know if they had one is to open it up. Good luck, and a LSD is a great idea for putting power to the ground. :D
If I save I am going to get a venom kit and tune with Hondata. I have a YS1 from the SiR with LSD but i am wondering if the gearing will be good and strong enough for street/strip, nitrous and NA?

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