no interior lights


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ok no idea what i did but when i got the car it all worked perfectly fine. i put in a new deck n now it dont work, i triple checked my connections and they are all right. i checked for a blown fuse, no luck. what could have cause all my interio lights, except dash to not work and when i push the button for the lights it resets the clock in the dash and no lights on the cluster or anything work?

im thinking mayb it has something to do with the tac that was in it, i pulled it out cause it had a stock one but all i did was undo the connections cause they were just twisted and made sure they were cut so they wouldnt touch nothing. could something in that be my problem?


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Oem radio has dome & security wired thru it. Back of it has a green security plug that .just be plugged in to keep these functions
i looked further in to the deck/power locks issue, and i was wrong, it seems that they are related
in their infinite wisdom Honda built the dome light and keyless entry in to the factory radio on the 96-98 civics

you can pull the aftermarket radio out and check if you can find the factory radio plugged in somewhere behind the dash
there should be a power, ignition, ground, and the 2 green plugs plugged in to the factory radio in order to retain dome light and door lock function
if the radio is there make sure that it is plugged in with at least power ignition and ground and the 2 green plugs

does the dome light come on with the door opening?
do the power locks work at all?
have you checked all of the fuses?