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well, after a wonderful weekend of driving my car around after being dyno tuned, she crapped out on me today. For the past week or so, i have noticed that when driving at cruising speed on the fwy, going approx. 70 mph and 4k rpm, with throttle at around 13-15% it would kind of mis-fire, then it would be ok. well today i was driving on some backroads, and driving it pretty hard when it did it again at about 7,500 rpm, then completely died, almost as if i were running out of gas, it would stutter then finally caput! so, i get it towed to work (which was like 1 mile, thank you AAA) to start my trouble shooting. my first thought was fuel, because of how it was stuttering, disconnected a line, and plenty of fuel was flowing. but, when i connected it back, and tried to start it, it ran for maybe 2 seconds then died, and continues to just "turn over". I then checked spark plugs, i only checked one, and there was spark, however it seemed faint, i'm not sure how much spark there is actually supposed to be, but i have some other plugs at my parents house i'm going to try tomorrow. I then proceeded to use Helms troubleshooting flowchart, checked the appropriate fueses, and they were ok. they then ask to check the voltage on two points on the ecu, this is A10 and A23 which are PG1 and PG2, i'm not sure what those really are, well it asks if the voltage is below 1v and it was reading at about .45V, they say to replace with a good working ecu, but i dont have one on hand. anybody else have any ideas? thanks
EDIT: also, no codes are being thrown, i'm using a skunk2/mugen chipped P28
Distributor problem? If you think that there isn't enough spark, and it randomly chugs like that, you could have a problem with the distributor. I had similar things happen on a plymouth:)ghey:) car of mine when something hooked to the distributor had lost its ground (yes, I really don't know what it is... 4 cylinder engine, 5 wires come off the distributor)
Exactly what happened to me 1 month ago! TUNE UP BRO! I did a cap, rotor, plugs, wires and fuel filter! All good now brotha!!!!
check your ignition switch, and power to your fuel pump! i had same problem
haha, i found the problem, i took of the dist. cap today, and found the rotor just lying in there, completely broken off. i wonder how i was seeing that faint spark? must have been arcing in there, lol. getting a new one shortly, thank god it was that easy. :)
Hehe, Must have been arching bro! You should replace the cap and rotor. If the rotor broke off, could be because something is wrong with the cap. Then if you put in a new rotor the chances are that one could break also. Wouldn't want to see you stranded while you were on your way up here on Sat.
had that happen a couple of times on a d15 the screw that holds the rotor shakes loose strarts running wierd and then falls out after about 4 times i dug deep spent about 50 cents and got some loktite never had that prob again.
ya, put on the new rotor and cap, all is good now, whew! a $30 fix, could have been worse :p
:D Crank angle sensor--pop the distributor cap off and she's right there..good luck.