Obd Differences=hp Differences?

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My friend has a 98gsr integra and has it mildly modified. My other friend just bought a 95gsr integra and the one who has the 98 thinks that his is slower when it was stock then the 95 (the 95 is stock). Could this be because of the obd difference or is he just imagining things? :huh:
More likely differences from EPA laws. They regulate emissions and that is what makes jdm motors different than USDM ones.
Ok You don't understand. But here goes. Lets say you have a 98 integra gsr and a 95 integra gsr. They are boths stock. The 98 is a obd 2. The 95 is an obd 1. Will the 95 be faster because it is obd 1?
no, probably not...they will be very close to one another.

the reason obd1 is better mainly has to do with the standalone systems available for obd1 setups.

stock for stock though...they are going to be very close...i'd guess whichever motor had better compression and whichever car is lighter overall...in this case the 95 gsr is lighter.