obd2 im + obd1 harness

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will an obd2 inake manifold work with an obd1 wire harness?
i know i will need the obd1 distributor.

as soon as i get mounts and my tranny the swappage will start on the hatch :D


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bump for jack.

As I told Jack on AIM, I wasn't 100% sure, but I belive that he has to run obd1 injectors, obd1 dizzy, and other then that, I have no clue.

Anyone else?


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obd2 intake manifold will work fine on obd1 harness.. iac needs to be changed.. it's located above the fuel rail on 96+ and it's a different type of plug.. so extend and change that..

the injectors.. either use 92-95 injectors to match the harness or change the injector plugs on the harness to match 96+ injectors..

alternator plug is diff.. always just used the 92-95 one.. but im sure 96+ will work you just gotta change the plug

i'd use a 96+ distributor.. 92-95 legs are diff.. but as far as i know 96+ will work fine with 92+ ecu

96+ distributor plug is different and combined into one.. i think thats all as far as the engine goes..

in otherwords.. easy peasy lemon squeezee

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sweet thanks.. im a n00b all over agian :lol: .

anyways my harness is shot strait to hell and back so im going to need another one. the one that came on my b20 is cut in about 90 places, but i found an obd1 teg uncut harness local for like $40. that harness will work if i get the injectors and distributor.

here is what i have so far

obd2 b20
obd1 p74 ecu
and im getting an obd1 ls harness.

thanks for any and all help/n00b bashing lol.


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FYI, OBD0, OBD1 and OBD2 LS distributors all share the same bolt pattern. You can use an OBD2 distributor with an OBD1 car, but the main problem is the lack of tachometer output on the distributor. The easiest way around this (that I know of) is to use an aftermarket ignition amp (MSD 6A, Crane, ... ...) that has a tachometer output. The easy thing without any doubt is to get a 92-95 LS distributor, but if that's not an option following the installation instructions for the spark box carefully will solve the issue too.

You can't use a B20's intake manifold due to its shape - you need an OBD1/OBD2 B18 manifold

Good luck.
if you use the b20 intake manifold you will have to run with out a hood or cut it out get my drift get any b series maniford just stay a way from the gsr


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Originally posted by radnulb@Mar 10 2004, 10:47 AM
You can't use a B20's intake manifold due to its shape - you need an OBD1/OBD2 B18 manifold

Good luck.

i know i cant use the b20 im cause its like 10" tall so i gave it to a friend to make some ITBs out of haha. thats why i was asking if an obd2 im would work cause i will prolly just use his obd2 b18b im.

thanks for the help guys