Obdi Engine+harness Into Obdii Car

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Jon Weaver

Junior Member
Well i am getting rid of my SI and i need my engine and harness (cut up for speedpro) out of the car. i got a reasonable deal on a 94 or 95 gsr swap and i am trying to find out information on wiring that will be different or what i will need to do to get this to work correctly so i can sell my car. (99 Civic Si)

is there a harness conversion? the dash harness is OBDII and the engine harness is OBDI.

Putting the motor in this weekend so i need to figure this crap out.
if i were you i would get an obd2 distributor and what ever else it takes to convert the motor to obd2. then get one of those skunk2 conversion harnesses or something comprible so that you have an obd2 motor, but run an obd1 ecu. It will be way less work for you that way, instead or rewiring your whole car.
buy an adapter.....so much easier....you have to hook up IAB though, notice you don't have IAB on your Si......