Oil Pump

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Junior Member
Makeing wored noise in btween 4000 rpm and 5500 rpm and wondering if has to do with oil pressure and vtec?? please help!!!! :huh: ;) :) :unsure:
Yeah my step brothers' oil pump made funky noises about those rpm's and yeah that engine isn't with us anymore. Get it fixed if it is a big deal. His was a dx 90 civic. Just don't put 20-50 in like our mechanic told us to do with his, 100 miles later it seized.
the oil pump going out can be a good thing, my oil pump went out on the highway and the light didnt come on until i was stopped, and now i have a jdm h22a :)
i remember that shit... there was so much traffic it sucked really bad, but a good thing came out of it......VTEC :worthy: