Omfg You Gotta See This

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So I took the oil pan off the motor tonight. The guy I bought it from sold it to me for $400 and said it had a "slight knock" caused by a spun rod bearing. Not so.

The #2 AND #3 rods snapped and notched the block. I don't know if I can sleeve it and still save it. Also, the crank end of the snapped #2 rod exists only as fragmented metal chunks and shavings at the bottom of the pan.

I guess I'll take the head off tomorrow to see if any of the valves were struck by the runaway pistons. The notches in the bottom of the cylinder walls are approx. 1/2"x1/2", so it might be able to be sleeved. I know b-series strokers have to be notched anyway :lol: , maybe I can stroke it to 2.4L!


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Damn. That is some impressive shit. I'll bet it knocked... :)

<sarcasm>Come on man, that is not bad. What's your problem?</sarcasm>


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Well, I got good, used, complete (rings, seals, and bearings) rods and pistons for $50 shipped. The guy(eBay'r) was so nice he even threw in a replacement knock sensor for free. Mine was damaged in the Durango accident. Also, same guy has the crankshaft(with bearings) for $80 shipped. Mine is pretty chewed up and I doubt if it's usable. So I'm paying for the crank tomorrow and also ordering the Darton flanged, centrifugal-cast ductile iron sleeves($48/each).

My loving wife :wub: is taking me shopping on Saturday for an engine stand for the H23 (my birthday's the 25th) as my gift from her. This is the same girl I took to the junkyard on Valentine's Day the first year we were married, to find an intake manifold for the 327small block I was putting in my '65 Nova...and she's put up with my obsessive car shit for 7 yrs! That's a keeper...

So it looks like the engine will be done by the end of May. So my $400 H23 just turned into $750. Oh well, at least I know it'll hold up now.

One question for you engine-builders: I'm boring the sleeves to OEM specs for the (used) stock pistons. If I want to shell out the $$$ and buy some 9:1 JEs later down the road, will it need bored again, or just honed? Thanks in advance.


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Hey it's the 25th! Happy birthday y0!

Keep us updated on the project. As for your question about the'll only need to get them honed if you get stock-sized pistons from JE.


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hehe "slight knock" alright. I'm looking into a motor that has a "slight rap" right now too. lol. It will be interesting to see what actually happened. It was a girl's car, so at least the thing wasn't squeezing or anything like that :p


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Thanks man, for the birthday wishes!

And on a lighter note, do you remember the series of posts about 3 1/2 months ago from two seemingly clueless guys(newbies) swapping an SiR1 into a 93 Civic EX auto, using a 96 LS auto tranny?... Well it's installed in nimblecivic's (my brother's) car and running great now. So to all the members that read and replied to this, this, this and this thread, it is possible. And thank you, all hondaswappers, for the countless replies and valuable knowledge that made this swap possible :worthy: :

swap candidate:
'93 Civic EX Auto Coupe
engine: SiR1 B16A (everything converted to OBD-1)
tranny: '96 Integra LS auto, with TCM(trans control module) from a '95
ECU: original P28-auto ECU, running a Mugen Automatic program
Total Cost, after selling leftover D16Z6 parts: $350

After this ordeal, I'm pretty sure I could tackle most any swap. For any info on what's needed to put an SiR1 into an EG, or help with automatic swaps, email or PM me. But remember, there's no emissions testing where I live (No smog refs, no under-the-table testing facilities, No BS) :p
SiR1 + EG = no registration in Cali!!!