One Of The Beasts Are For Sale!

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Editted, read down below.
Originally posted by Darivative@Feb 15 2003, 10:47 PM
Haven't figured that out yet... :blink:

Go to the Gallery is now open, follow the insturstions, once they are up loaded, there will be a web adress underneath it (nice and long) copy that and once you want to post it in a thread, click the IMG button then paste the address in there and walla, you got a pic.

I will take updated pics in the morning and post them.
Thank for the reply...
sounds like a great deal!

post some pictures, i'd like to see this car.
I tried but no good. If you email me I will show pics to whoever (

C'mon people this is a deal...
I'm from New Jersey and please email me at so I can send pics. My email has been acting up lately...
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