Over Heating

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Junior Member
yea so i have a 1987 Honda Civic DX Hatch Back, and now my car is over heating its dripping antifreeze, and now its fine for a while now its like over heating and smoking from what looks like the radiotar cap or the thing next to it. also its making a puffing noise and when that happens i no longer can acclerate so if n e one can help me that be great
if your car is dripping antifreeze and you're leaking coolant then its probably an old radiator hose or leaking radiator. check to see where the leak is.

now, what color is the smoke? and do you have any antifreeze in the headgasket? chances are your rings are shot or you have a blown headgasket.

as long as you have antifreeze, and your car is driveable i'd continue driving it as you have been. fixing an 87dx just isn't worth the time or money, unless you're going to put a stronger motor in it.
its white smoke and its comming from what looks to be the radiator cap, now im not a expert on cars, but i think its something with the radiator, cuz if its the gaskets wouldnt the engine block be cracked, and would not like run or something?