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I just had a buddy install some ZC pistons into my 99 civic. He had a problem of the head being warped and he sent it to the machine shop. I have it back now and it peforms great, but a couple of times, it has overheated and so I pull over and put some more anti-freeze into the radiator. What could be causing this ?
I put some stop leak into the radiator and so far (2 days) I haven't had a problem ? Has anybody used this radiator stop leak stuff before ?
Blown Head gasket if there is not a coolant leak. Pressure test the the cooling sys. and then check the cylinders. Stop leak is horrible. It is a quick fix that causes more problems later w/ clogged radiator, water pump, etc. Flush that shit out well after you fix you problem.
I'm assuming I need to take my car into a shop to test the cooling sys. ??? Is that stop leak stuff ok for the time being, I haven't overheated for about 3 days now !!! Also, could it have anything to do with my new pistons breaking in and the engine running better now ?
There is a special tool that you use to do this, basicly you just put it on where your radiator cap should be, start pumping and if you get to 15 psi, your good. Check to see if autozone or murrys has this tool, alot of those places will let you loan out tools for free. Just make sure that you get the right size one because hondas have very small caps and not alot work with them.