P2e ecu questions

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New Member
Hi, Ive swapped a zc d16 engine into my ep and I'm at the last few wires on the ecu, from the Pinout diagrams I've gotten connector c pin 22 is a red imo wire, this is from a 96-98 civic dx I believe, I've been told on other forums there is no imoboliser on my ecu for that year but no other Pinout diagram shows this red wire🤔 also the only imo wire in the dash loom is an imo fuel pump relay 🙄, so basically I'm asking is the imo on ecu side going to cause issues seeing as I've a different chip and imo reader on my ignition? Also will my fuel pump be blocked from turning on via the fuel pump relay? If so could I bypass this by giving it constant power/ removing fuel pump relay to allow power as soon as ignition is turned? If this is an imo wire on pin 22 does Any1 know how it works, does it cut power to distributor or? If so my distributor is wired directly to ignition power so it shouldn't be able to stop it starting?