Parish's Truck Sets a New Record

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lol that truck is crazy. i could never imagine driving like that in a truck. i so don't feel comfrotable in those things
I've been drooling lately over Cadillac CTSs, 2 doors with a motor / trans swap. I just combined that dream with Parish's setup.

And I think I may have ruined a good pair of shorts.
Was that thing really a daily driver?????

Good holy god man.

Now he can get somewhere near where 6 banger supras have been for several years :p
Wow! That shit is awesome!!! No wonder he can pull on a 1200 street bike so hard. I love it, I have always wanted a Silverado ever since I was too young to drive.
His next thing is winning Drag Week. Thats the reason for the cage. He wants to hit a consitent 10.0's. The truck is not legal for 9's but it has the power in it. He wants to make the power he has usuable and consistent.

Bascially Drag week is a whole week of racing at a new track. However the cars competing must be driven to each track and all tools to fix it must be carried on the car also. So he will be pulling a trailer with his car to a from each track with his tools.


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:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


the guys at work freaked out over this truck (so much so that one guy even bought one of your DVDs)...

I almost died when i saw that last dyno...The LS1 is an aluminum block isnt it...i dont think i would be running Nitrous on that either. I thought about doing it on my car, and i still might run about a 60 shot, but i would be scared to go higher than that.

That is just plain sick...yall need some help out there in BFE.