pics of the civic

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heres some pics of the car. went home a couple of weeks ago and finished it off. finally got some batteries for the cam. sorry the pics are so big. i tried to resize but they lost alot of quality.

thats tape on the hood.

thats my roomate in the background standing with the rice.

both of the light brackets are broken. i got that bumper for 28 dollars brand new. check out that badass truck in the background.

Tight ass busted airbag and steering wheel cover.
lmfao.. go to or or wait for the infamous v3 of hondaswap that Brian keeps talkin about.
lol, ya that was fucked man, post that shit
60 second looking indeed! jfwy.. new rims and it would be pretty good looking.

what happened to your steering wheel?
my brother wrecked it. mother fucker. still hasnt paid me back. it cost about 400 to fix it all, and thats because i did the shit myself. i still need new headlights. i want to get an engine before i get wheels. but i was either thinkin of slipstreams or kosei ki racing. and i wanna paint that bitch flat black.

:edit: thanks for hosting the pics prowler :worthy:
i would keep it white. flat black looks so ghetto. 28bucks for the bumper?? damn! good deal! sory bout the steering wheel, it sure looks fucked :unsure:

what kind of engine are u getting?

you know, IMO that black bumper, hood, and white body looks kinda cool. i would get some 15" gunmetal rims, lower it about 2" and that bitch would look tite!! :)
v3 gallery is functional right now. Denis (crx-yem) tested it for me today :)

just needs some touching up, some links, and umm... layout. plus, thers a few more features i want to look at before it goes live.
Originally posted by knowledge@Oct 10 2002, 03:19 AM
Keep it gangsta and leave the steering wheel like that! lol

yeah the gallery works , its sweet to.
just upload your pic and it resizes it automatically, can add albums and such. can wait for it to go public