Pics of the vx

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well they are some shitty pics, taken at a friends house with his digicam. I also am too lazy to get an image hoster, so i just put them on my old website from 2 years ago.

56k warning (they might take a lil time to load)

Car Pics
hey! the gallery is up! woohoo! :) nice hatch, DJ! wish i read the rest of this thread before waiting 10 minutes for your pics to load...and they didnt finish either (i got 56k).
I'll do it when i get home tonight. The piping is custom bent on the exhuast but the guy who put it on picked out that tip, eventaully ima get a new tip, but the exhaust has a really nice low sound to it, unlike all the ricers around here.
looks like a clean car.

keep the vx wheels, or if you get rid of them let me know...

where are you located?

thanks, chet.
chet, i recently ordered some rota's from jason, so when those get in, and i get around to buying some tires i might be interested in gettin rid of the vx rims, whenever that comes around ill hit you up, by the way im in huntsville al, and st. louis mo. im usually in huntsville, and this weekend ill be in nyc.