Pics of yourself...

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here is me:

holy stock rollers batman!

and by the way.. that is me next to the blingin eclipse... want more pics???
not in person, that is ulrika ericcson, she's one of the best looking woman i've ever hung out with...

suzanne stokes is even more amazing...they were promoting something to do with playboy that night...and we were all on spring break.

as astonishing as it sounds, suzanne stokes is fairly down to earth and normal...
Thats me on the Left there, and thats my buddy matt who just sold his CRX to my other buddy but he still has his GSX


I KICK ASS! :D :eek:
I'm on the right, driving back with a co-worker of mine from a building dedication that we had to go to, hence being dressed up:

Me at the Pikes Peak Hill Climb this past July, showing off blood and stuff from jumping off the mountain while filming to avoid being hit by an out-of-control SCCA Subie WRX: