Pictures From Dynoing My Car

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well, here is a picture of my dyno.

i ONLY made 146-104 after realizing my VTEC controller is not working. i have to recheck all of my connections, and possibly try using another field's to see if its the unit itself that isn't working.

notice the air/fuel is at 10 parts air/1 part fuel where it should be 13-1/12-1 ideally. with good air/fuel, i should make 155 so i'll be fixing this problem shortly...and going back next thursday.

i'd like to thank john at secret services, as its his dyno and was very helpful.

enjoy the pics...


this civic si put down 225 hp/150 tq.

completely built crvtec, not resleeved. :(

the motor burns oil...and it will crack a sleeve soon, but its fast for the time being!

very clean swap, he paid over 6000 for the motor!



and this is a picture of my friend's 88 hatch. i've done a little work on this car and its fast...from a roll.

he has severe traction problems, as his 1/4 mile times would suggest. (14.1@98)

its a mid 13 sec car...has an ls/vtec (that burns oil) with type r pistons...hatch itself is completely gutted.

no heater core, no ac, no door panels, one seat, no rear interior...its definitely down to the bare far as the interior goes.


damn it, when you show me all the pics of your freinds cars pics, it makes me wish people in my area like more than the FnF import. The only good thing is it makes my car the best out of all theirs

What VTEC controler are you using? Are you going to get the whole thing retuned or did you just do this to check out your #'s?
field vtec controller...

and i was going to tune my car, until realizing its not possible right now. john leaned the fuel all the way out at 5k...taking 15% out of the 240cc injectors and i was still running 10parts air/1 part fuel.

this means the vtec controller should have been putting roughly 204cc of fuel but obviously wasn't.

very disappointing, as you always have great expectations until you suffer small setbacks like this...and i warn all of those building a car that these setups will occur to most of you.

it just takes time, patience, and money and a good understanding of honda's. right now i just have patience, as i don't have much money and i find myself having to learn mroe and more about these cars.
i told you field's was a piece of shit.
#3 in my cricle of friends i know whos fields has died on them. garbage. throw it out. bash it with a bat.
people down there must have a hard on for vx/hx wheels
vx, hx wheels are badass. i hope to own a set of both in the future, along with my volks.